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Marketing Consultation

DeliveryTech’s Standard consulting rate is US$200 per hour. The minimum billing time is 15 minutes, or US$50.

This rate applies to most marketing and deliverability consulting tasks that are done remotely over the Internet when scheduled at least three business days in advance. DeliveryTech’s consultants will advise you beforehand whenever rates other than the standard rate would apply to any request.


Email Delivery

Our state of art email delivery platform will allow you to send and track emails with maximum deliverability rates.

Monthly Plans

If you send emails on a regular basis select one of our monthly plans. You may choose monthly or annual billing*.

Monthly plans price table

Emails / Month Dedicated
IP address
Price / Month
FREE plan 6,000 FREE
Bronze 30,000 $ 9.95
Silver 60,000 $ 19.95
Indium 100,000 $ 29.95
Gold 100,000 $ 69.95
Resell 300,000 $ 199.00
Custom 300,000 + please contact us to ask for a quote

* In order to insure uninterrupted service, all monthly plans will automatically renew at the end of the plan’s Billing Cycle (monthly or annual).
You may cancel your monthly plan at any time. To avoid automatic billing for a subsequent billing cycle, you must submit your online cancellation request at least 15 days prior to your billing date. Cancellation requests submitted fewer than 15 days prior to a billing date may result in automatic billing for one (1) additional billing cycle.


Pay as you go

Do you send emails less frequently or you just prefer to avoid monthly contracts? Buy Prepaid credits and use them only when you need to send emails**.

Pay as you go price table

Emails Dedicated
IP address
Bronze 10,000 $ 15.00
Copper 30,000 $ 35.00
Silver 50,000 $ 49.00
Gold 100,000 $ 92.00
Resell 300,000 $ 270.00
Titanium 500,000 $ 450.00
Diamond 1,000,000 $ 790.00
Enterprise 1,000,000 + please contact us to ask for a quote

** Unused credits expire one year after purchase

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